Grace Boldewijn

Grace Boldewijn Chairman
Grace Boldewijn, born on October 13th 1963 in Paramaribo is CEO of BoCari International, an engineering company that is specialized in the production of processes in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Prior to starting BoCari International, Grace has been employed for over fifteen years by several international companies such as Shell, Akzo Nobel, Unimills, Tebodin and Kvaerner. In 2002 she was awarded with the Black European Business Woman title, a title that she still bears with pride. As a born Surinamese and one of the role models of her community, Grace has been involved in the development of Suriname. Grace has brought several Surinamese and Dutch companies together through the Surinam Entrepreneurs platform, initiated by herself. She also promotes investments from abroad in Suriname via Suriname Capital Investment Fund, a company also initiated by herself. Furthermore, Grace has been the co-founder of PVRS, a political party that has participated in the 2010 election in Suriname. Although Grace is not electable, she is seen by many as the first future female president of the Republic of Suriname.

Emmo Boldewijn

Emmo Boldewijn Vice chairman / secretary
Emmo Boldewijn was born in Suriname on May 31st 1961 in Paramaribo. He has been working as an animal health assistant for several years in New York. In the Netherlands he has studied to become a teacher in social studies. He has been a teacher for junior high and vocational schools. Teaching kids with special educational needs, is a challenge that he eagerly accepts, because it enables him as a teacher to display the best of the educational, didactical and social skills that he possesses. Because he considers the pupils as young adults, he teaches them to apply self-reflection which will enable them to take responsibility for their own educational path. The essence of self-reflection, will help them to become critical civilians, who will be able to participate with self confidence in our dynamic society. He has been teaching Mathematic, economy, social studies, biology, history. He has been involved in different projects concerning educational improvement in various schools.

Annelies Sheotahul

Annelies Sheotahul Treasurer
Annelies Sheotahul, was born in Paramaribo in 1955 and is a people person. After starting off as a fashion designer and as a nanny for kids of various age categories, she developed an interest for the arts, so she took classes in drawing, painting and photography. Since then she has been with the art gallery Carrillo for over 22 years, participating in different functions as a promotor, exhibitionist and director of various classes. She is also internationally involved in Curaçao, Cuba and Suriname. Furthermore she has been involved as a volunteer in various organizations.