The Suriname Dream

Welcome a new strong Republic of Suriname for all Surinamese wherever in the world at the occasion of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Independence; Permanent prosperity, well-being and peace; Export of the Suriname Model of national harmony


Crucial for the first stage of this dream:

  • the bridge between Surinamese in Suriname and the Surinamese in diaspora from now on…!
  • creation of a new social-economic order by strengthening education and entrepeneurship.
  • Lay a solid foundation for small scale economic activities that will be the backbone of the new national economy


What is at our disposal?

  • our country lies within Caricom and Latam
  • much furtile soil at our disposal/available
  • many natural resources
  • the population is very small
  • reasonable clean water
  • delicious natural spring water
  • the air is reasonable clean
  • tropical rainforests and beautiful nature
  • no natural disasters
  • neither political violence nor high crime rate
  • no extreme poverty
  • very mixed young population and no racism
  • the youth is the greater part of the population
  • motivated compatriots outside Suriname who are willing to realize the dream together with countrymen in Suriname
  • well-educated and motivated compatriots, elderly and youth who love Suriname

We shall create the SURINAME DREAM and this dream will be kept alive for all coming generations.

Three essential steps:

  1. identification and believe in ourselves
  2. organization
  3. to go organized for the goals.

The basis will be laid by the youth and elderly in a well-organized system of eduction, entrepreneurship and government.

Intermediaries and goals:

The bridge (total action):

  • Creation of a community for all Surinamese regardless their residence, ethnicity, age, belief, colour, political creed, sex and level of development. The Suriname nationality for all Surinamese!!!
  • Welcome and combine all intellectual, cultural and material resources of all Surinamese
  • Develop a social climate and political course for repatriation and accommodation of all Surinamese
  • Create a country and a community of solidarity among each other, wherever in the world.
  • Listing of capacity by networking
  • High priority for accommodating Surinamese entrepreneur.

The economy (entrepreneurship):

  • Creating a dominant economy in Caricom and Latam based on our natural resources
  • Export-economy of services, finished products and high-grade technology
  • By working hard: well-being, prosperity and wealth.


  • An education system coupled to our national economy, entrepreneurship and to our rich culture.
  • Assess new education goals aimed at the Suriname Dream.


  • Creation of a community for all Surinamese regardless their residence, ethnicity, age, belief, colour, political creed, sex and level of development. The Suriname nationality for all Surinamese !!!!
  • Identify and honor role models and heroes of our nation
  • Create perspectives for the youth, so that they do not connect their future to another country
  • To be able to crystallize/realize the dreams and aspirations of the youth in the first place it is necessary to create a community that offers guarantees for a life in a happy country and in solidarity and peace with each other.

We can convince ourselves that we can make this dream come true

The political vehicle for realizing the Suriname dream is a youth organization of a new different kind.

It shall be this organization that will take the political leadership to realize this dream

Current tasks:

  • Combine all resources in a system of hygienic networks.
  • Institutional and capacity strengthening of the youth organization in Suriname in preparation to the future duties.
  • Create a state, government and institutions based on realizing of the Suriname dream.
  • To combine and make use of The Potency of all Surinamese to give Suriname a leading role in the region as a goal within 20 years for the next 100 years.
  • Re-orientation and Planning for a long-term by a new political-administrative order led by the youth

Now it is the time to organize